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Peter Powditch

Painting and Sculpture

Yellow House, Potts Point
Opening: 10 May
Exhibition dates: 10 May - 4 June
Preview dates: 7 May

Coast - A Retrospective

1961 - 2015

SH Ervin Gallery
Opening: 5.30 - 7.30pm Sat 1 April
Exhibition dates: 31 March - 21 May

Peter Powditch

Life Drawings and Lithographs

Defiance Gallery, Newtown
Opening: 5 April
Exhibition dates: 5 April - 26 May
Preview dates: 2 April

Dan Kyle

From the Turon to the Colo

Defiance Gallery, Newtown
Opening: 8 March
Exhibition dates: 8 March - 1 April
Preview dates: 5 March

Dan Kyle lives and works in Kurrajong NSW. In his current exhibition From the Turon to the Colo he depicts the Australian landscape pared back to its bare essentials. Kyle paints, explores and observes the bush on the nearby cliffs and plateaus daily. His natural curiosity has led him to research the rich history of the surrounding area which encompasses The Grose Valley, the Turon and Colo rivers and Wollemi and Yengo National Parks

Kyles landscapes bear witness to the gentle shift of seasons. He shows us the high color and rapid pulse of nature apparent at the beginning of Summer which slowly turns to a sun bleached, delicate, brittle scrub. He captures the tinder dry grass in the shimmering heat and the eagerly awaited dark southerly storms, the regeneration of Spring and the short cold days of Autumn. These changes in the landscape all take place under a distinct Australian light on the reliable warmth of the regions sandstone country.

His use of powder dry, thinly layered paint creates a deliberately unrefined and matt texture befitting the angophora trees. The abstract qualities of the bush are emphasised by the placement of stark vertical trunks gently leaning amongst the sky and the stone. Fine details provide an intimacy in the work and are found in the form of intricate patterns on a scribbly gum, delicate grass blowing in the wind, sap dripping and trees shedding their bark. Kyle delights in heightening the naturally occurring colours he sees and uses a limited palette of closely related tones thereby creating a sense of harmony.

Kyles unadorned and honest response to his environment reflects the understanding and admiration he has for his subject.

Kyle studied at the National Art School, Sydney. He has been selected as a finalist in the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize (2016 - highly commended and 2013), the Paddington Art Prize (2015 and 2012 – highly commended). His work has been featured in Artist Profile magazine with an interview with Founding Editor, Owen Craven. Kyles work was exhibited in Blow In at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery (2014) alongside Euan Macleod, Ann Thomson, Guy Warren, Luke Scibberas, Peter Kingston and Guy Maestri


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