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at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Opening: 27 June 2019
Exhibition dates: 15 June - September 2019


A group exhibition of collage and assemblage

Defiance Gallery Newtown
Opening: 6pm - 8pm Wednesday 10 July 2019
Exhibition dates: 10 July - 1 August 2019
Preview dates: 11am - 2 pm Sunday 7 July

Tim Allen | Immersion

Orange Regional Gallery

Orange Regional Gallery
Opening: Friday 17th May 2019, 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition dates: 18 May - 28 July 2019

Immersion - deep involvement - describes both my working process and my connection to landscape.
A day spent painting or drawing en plein air is an all-encompassing experience of fluctuating light, weather and comfort levels. These conditions, along with an intense focus, result in work that tracks a dialogue between observation, memory and abstract mark making. Mark making is key - the ability to describe both emotional intent and observation in one mark.
I take an expressive, physical approach to art making - working fast, boldly and intuitively. In the studio I balance this with long periods of contemplation and stillness - thoughts punctuated by bursts of activity.
My aim is to keep a tension and oscillation between representation and abstraction. An overwhelming sense of abstract expressionist mark-making when viewing the work up close which coalesces into recognisable forms as the viewer moves further away. 

Tim Allen, 2019

Peter Godwin

Mask, Music and Studio

Defiance Gallery at Mary Place
Opening: 11am to 2pm Sunday 30 June
Exhibition dates: 3 July - 25 July 2019

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