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Ann Thomson and Contemporaries

National Art School Gallery, Sydney Exhibition dates: 27 May - 23 July

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Ann Thomson is a Sydney-based artist with a distinguished career spanning more than six decades. This exhibition, curated by Judith Blackhall, focuses on her creative investigation that incorporates abstraction and figuration. Her work is both compelling and enigmatic, ranging from gestural compositions and collages to large-scale paintings, sculptural assemblages and works on paper.

Taking a lead from Ann Thomson's work in the upstairs Gallery, Ann Thomson & Contemporaries also presents a snapshot of a unique moment in the National Art School's history. It explores the creative directions of a significant group of Australian artists who studied or taught at the School with Thomson, including teachers Godfrey Miller, John Passmore, John Olsen and students Vivienne Binns, Elisabeth Cummings and Martin Sharp. The project highlights and celebrates the exhilarating times at East Sydney Tech in the late 1950s and early 1960s.