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Peter Godwin and Euan Macleod

The Painters Journey

Nock Art Foundation, Hong Kong Exhibition dates: 2 - 21 April 2014

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Presented by the Nock Art Foundation in conjunction with Defiance Gallery, Sydney, The Painters' Journey brings together the work of two acclaimed Australian painters, Peter Godwin and Euan Macleod. This exhibition showcases work produced by the artists from their time spent working in Hong Kong and the Guilin mountains of Mainland China in early 2013 and 2014. This is the inaugural exhibition of a long-term project by the Nock Foundation that builds on the long-standing dialogue between Australian painting and the Chinese landscape.
In April of 2014, The Painters' Journey will fill the PAO Gallery, which is located on level four of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. This ground breaking exhibition marks an engagement with the long history of Australian painters who have worked in and been inspired by the landscape of Hong Kong and mainland China, and by the extraordinary tradition of Chinese Landscape painting. The paintings by Godwin and Macleod were developed over several weeks immersion in the landscape and culture of Hong Kong and the Guilin Mountains. As well as this, paintings by Michael Nock, founder of the Nock Foundation, and photographs and a documentary that trace the project by acclaimed Hong Kong based Australian photographer Jason Capobianco, will be displayed in an annexe to the gallery. The exhibition will be curated by Defiance Gallery Director, Campbell Robertson-Swann.

The Painters' Journey is the culmination of a project of cultural immersion that has given these two great Australian painters an opportunity to truly engage with another landscape and to produce contemporary landscape paintings that reflect the history of Asia Pacific artistic exchange and give a new perspective on the Hong Kong and Chinese landscape.