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A Celebration of the National Art School

At Defiance Gallery, Newtown Exhibition dates: 21 September - 15 October
Opening: 21 September, 6 - 8 pm    Preview dates: 18 September, 11 am - 2 pm

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On 4 August Sydney gallery owners joined forces at the National Art School to call on the NSW government to halt the proposed amalgamation of Sydney's Art Schools and declare our wholehearted support for the existing diversity in the visual arts tertiary education system. It is crucial that a varied and dynamic art college choice be available to students if Sydney is to call itself a culturally rich global city.
We value and cherish the visual arts education offered to students at the National Art School since 1922. It is the longest continuing art school in Australia and its independent status and teaching structure is highly regarded. The National Art School is a vital component to the vibrancy and legitimacy of Sydney as a leader in and destination for cultural activity in Australia.
The National Art School, past and present, is of great significance to Defiance Gallery and twenty of the thirty-three artists the gallery represents have taught and/or studied there. This exhibition is a celebration of the National Art School and showcases the substantial and impressive NAS alumni who have contributed to the history of Australian art and continue to influence contemporary art practice. 

Including works by: Janik Bouchette,  Michael Buzacott, Ivor Fabok, Helen Gauchat, Peter Godwin, Madeleine Halliday, Paul Higgs,  Paul Hopmeier, Roy Jackson, Jan King, Dan Kyle, Tim Kyle, Renata Pari-Lewis,  Peter Powditch & Ann Thomson represented by Defiance Gallery

Godfrey Miller courtesy of a private collection, Elisabeth Cummings courtesy of King Steet Gallery on William, Joe Frost, Euan Macleod and Paul Selwood courtesy of Watters Gallery.