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Anita Larkin

The Breath Within

Defiance Gallery, Newtown Exhibition dates: 6 - 30 May 2015
Opening: 6-8pm Wednesday 6 May    Preview dates: 11am - 2pm Sunday 3 May

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"There is intentional and playful disruption of the familiar and the everyday within this body of work, where the ordinary object is transformed into something beguiling and loaded.

By experiencing an object forming an incongruous union with another, or the familiar acting in an unexpected way, disbelief is suspended with a kind of alchemy and the strange and intriguing become lyrical.

The exhibition’s title, The Breath Within, suggests objects have an inner life. It could be described as my own exhalation; my breath made visible, breathing life into objects or, more literally, as my ribcage blown in glass. I have assembled direct casts from the human body with found objects in a similar way as I would make my collages, exploring the random collisions that occur between things and pushing them toward a considered concept.

This bodily juxtaposition with the ordinary brings about a relationship between the physicality of an object and the narrative association I conjure within that union. Such as a cricket ball growing a breast, a truncated telephone rendered useless by insulating it with felt, or a gun that becomes a sewing machine stitching a line into the gallery wall.

I also use words as objects that can be re-associated with something other than what they were intended for, much like a collected object. I use pictures from books carefully cut out and interconnected into new Dadaist pictures.

The Breath Within is more than extracting an object’s ability to communicate, to play. It is an invitation to see the wonder that lies in ordinary things. "

Anita Larkin 2015