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Charmaine Pike


Defiance Gallery, Newtown Exhibition dates: 26 November - 20 December 2014
Opening: 6-8pm Wednesday 26 November    Preview dates: 1-3pm Sunday 23 November

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Charmaine Pike approaches the rich tradition of Australian landscape painting with a unique language, both of gesture and of sentiment.

The works in this exhibition are a culmination of Charmaine’s development as a painter to date. As has always been the case with her work, the fundaments of drawing are at its core, with an unerring understanding of tone and confidence of line permeating each painting. In this recent body of work, her mark making has become distilled to a point where forms appear effortlessly carved out of space.

Mindfield also marks a honing of the narratives that Charmaine develops in her paintings. As a result of her subtle understanding of compositional tension, points within landscapes appear to exist in a finely tuned emotional field. These are paintings that change and develop on repeated viewings, with her singular approach to planes of colour, composition and psychological structure unfurling as time passes.

In recent years Charmaine has begun to receive the respect and recognition she is due. In 2012, her solo exhibition at Tamworth Regional Gallery was met with great acclaim. This year she was chosen by Angus Nivison as his mentee to represent NSW in ‘Place and Practice’ the Regional Arts Australia National Visual Arts Showcase in Parliament House, Canberra. Joanna Logue recently selected Charmaine for the Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Exhibition at Martin Place in Sydney. Next year she will exhibit in the Australian Wildlife Conservancy exhibition following a painting expedition to Pungalina Sanctuary in the Gulf of Carpentaria with John McDonald, Jason Capobianco, Richard Freeman, Euan Macleod, Dave Teer and Angus Nivison. There is no doubt that, as Nivison says of her work, “Something important is happening here”.