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The Meaning of (Still) Life

Defiance Gallery Newtown Exhibition dates: 27 August - 20 September 2014
Opening: Opening 6-8pm Wednesday 27 August    Preview dates: 11am - 3pm Sunday 24 August 2014

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Including works by Roy Jackson, Ulvi Haagensen, Helen Gauchat, Paul Hopmeier, Renata Pari-Lewis, Peter Godwin, Alison Mackay, Michael Buzacott, Carole Griffin, Elisabeth Cummings (courtesy of King Street Gallery on William.

Still Life is one of the most pervasive and varied genres in art history. Developing discretely within an array of artistic traditions around the world, it can be defined, approximately, as the portrayal of inanimate objects. Still Life works span the symbolic to trompe-l’oeil, and have served as a vehicle for many of the earliest forays into abstraction. At the core of the genre, however, is a deep focus on gravity and on order.

Each of the works in this exhibition are explorations into the manifold meanings of Still Life as a genre. In this show of paintings, drawings, collage and sculpture one gains an insight into the possible meanings of Still Life as it is manifest in a number of artists’ practices.