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Helen Gauchat

As the Light Falls

At Defiance Gallery Newtown Exhibition dates: 24 August - 17 September
Opening: 24 August, 6 - 8pm    Preview dates: 21 August, 11 - 2pm

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Light is the key element in these still lives and interior spaces. The subject matter is not always the most essential aspect of the work as long as the light is falling through the space and playing across the objects in an exciting way. The play of strong contrasts and subtly cast shadows ground the objects and enhance the naturally occurring abstractions.

The works take on a life of their own and I may begin with an idea and see it change significantly during the process of its creation. I like to paint the objects that are most familiar to me - pots and vases that I have made or chairs I use in the studio. They are often things I live with on a daily basis but in this show I have also depicted memories of rooms from years past.
Helen Gauchat, 2016