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Stuck Together 2014

Defiance Gallery, Newtown Exhibition dates: 4th - 28th June 2014
   Preview dates: 11am-3pm Sunday 1st June

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In the past century, collage has been at the core of many major artistic innovations. In the marriage of objects and images from the physical world with the illusionistic space of a drawing or painting, there materialise limitless possibilities for image and object making.

Whilst for some artists, collage is their primary medium; it is also a secondary or even preparatory form for many painters and sculptors. The process of layering physical objects in space entails a three dimensional sensibility, that leaves a trace for the eye to explore - a window into the process of the artist.

Stuck Together is a microcosm of contemporary collage, bringing together works from a wide variety of artists who are experimenting with the possibilities of this constructive and beguiling form.