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Sculpture - Off The Wall

Defiance Gallery Newtown Exhibition dates: 2 - 26 July 2014
Opening: 6-8pm Wednesday 4 June    Preview dates: 11am - 3pm Sunday 29 June

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Wall works, sculptures that come out of or hang off walls, have a history almost as long as sculpture itself. Sculptors who reduce the field of a sculpture by 180°, and make works that interact with the vertical plane, are faced with a unique and rewarding set of challenges.

Sculptural reliefs have been an integral element of architecture since ancient times. In modern and contemporary sculpture, however, this relationship to the architectural structure of the wall has been marginalised in favour of sculpture in the round and the absolute compositional freedom this affords. Whilst engagement with the wall is a limitation eschewed by many sculptors, this restriction, in fact, opens a wide range of possibilities in terms of illusion and drawing in three dimensions. In many cases, wall works highlight the satisfactions of three-dimensional form, allowing for a seamless combination with two-dimensional illusion, or the manipulation of shallow depth to engage a viewer's spatial intellect.

Whilst few sculptors work exclusively in this format, each of the artists in this exhibition has been selected because wall works are an important part of their practice. The variety of works in this selection demonstrates the striking and inventive possibilities inherent in the form.

Sophie Hopmeier 2014