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Brian O’Dwyer

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The sculpture of Brian O’Dwyer reverberates with the interplay of scale, placement and historic quotation, producing what in essence, is an object redolent with poetic space....O’Dwyer understands how the mind does not fix reality; rather it is always in the process of reinterpreting it, and therefore his project becomes one of creating a bridge between the real and the poetic. With his intimately constructed scenarios he presents a miniaturised world of universal motifs, but at the same time, a sense of bewilderment prevails, referring to the arcane nature of society and the world in which we live." Harvey Shields

Brian O'Dwyer studied English at Sydney University, and taught in this field before becoming an art teacher. After encountering the work of Robert Klippel, O'Dwyer became his assistant, doing fine detailed casting work. This work encouraged O'Dwyer to focus on his own sculpture, but he concentrated on figurative work. Since 1977 he has exhibited throughout Australia and in Asia and Europe. He has been awarded residencies at the Cite International des Arts, Paris, and the Meridian Sculpture Foundry, Melbourne. He has won an bronze and silver medal at the International Biennale, Ravenna as well as the 2005 Lady Nock Sculpture Prize.  
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