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Ingrid Morley

Ingrid Morley

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As an artist I am deeply affected by my surroundings, both the physical landscape
and people who live there. For this reason, humanity and the landscape is an 
almost physical force that shapes my practice. I’ve lived in South Africa (where I was born),
Europe, Asia and Australia, and all of these places have made their mark on my work.

Since 2010, when I moved to the Central Tablelands in NSW, I have become even more 
entwined with my environment. My studio became an outdoor space, in the elements.
In response to the spaciousness of the landscape, I started making large-scale sculptures.
I also began driving heavy earthmoving equipment, and this too has informed my practice.

Operating this machinery both taps into and feeds my 3D skills. Perhaps unexpectedly
I also find it links to my 2D works. Using careful observation tuned to the subtle changes
in the gradient of the land, its rhythm and geophysical composition, I cut through the earth 
in much the same way as I use a pencil or brush to make marks on paper or canvas.

Although I work outside, I’m not interested in portraying bucolic scenery. 
My work is more about unearthing hidden stories of loss, grief and
misunderstanding; stories which infuse all human territories. These concerns often, 
but not always, manifest in representations of the human figure. For me, the figure is a 
vessel through which to explore ideas and to make discoveries. These concerns of 
mine as an artist are often unobtainable and ideas aside, I would like my
work to delight the viewer.
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