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Russell McQuilty

Russell McQuilty
Portrait courtesty of Roger Skinner

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Russell McQuilty is well known for his ‘flight’ works, which as the name suggests capture lightness and give the impression of impending movement. McQuilty’s in depth investigation and knowledge of these elements has enabled him to create a collection of sculptures, which are both playful and sensuous.

McQuilty uses few elements in each work, which are then distinctively coated with his ‘trademark red’ painted finish; a brilliant red eye-catching enamel paint in Warratah. These smooth finished painted surfaces with clean simple flowing lines are characteristic of his work. Elements can appear to be gently resting against one another, just touching to create a temporary balance. These works reveal refined calligraphic shapes which change and twist before your eyes as you walk around the work.

Russell McQuilty has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia since 1996. In 2008 the Western Plains Cultural Centre was host to McQuilty’s Survey Show ‘Rhapsody in Red’, which celebrated his sculpture throughout the last ten years. Michael Reid has named McQuilty as part of the next generation of sculptors to watch. His works are held in private collections throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the U.K. 

"My sculpture follows the principle ‘less is more’. I am constantly working to keep it simple, Pare it down and always steer clear of any decorative element. To a certain extent I rely on intuition. I let the steel dictate. This can be scary at times but I certainly enjoy the process. Negative space also acts as an important element, where what is taken away and what is not there, is as important as what is. My working process is based upon searching for ‘rightness’, finding solutions and striving for dramatic simplicity in complete structures" Russell McQuilty.