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Madeleine Halliday

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Madeleine Halliday
29 January 1939 - 25 January 2011

Madeline Halliday is recognised for her gestural landscape and seascape works. The artist would travel across the country to get a feel for the land. As she said of her practice ‘Landscape leads me to a world of fabulous contrasts which I try to bring together. Shadow and substance, the fixed and the fluid, the fallen and the upright and the husks and hulls of dead bush, from which new life bursts from all around us. We have to select something from all the chaos out there, sometimes bringing together through memory, the spirit of place and observation’

Madeline holds a Diploma of Fine Arts from the East Sydney Technical College, along with a Graduate Diploma of Education from Sydney University. Madeline has worked as a teacher of painting and drawing at a number of respected institutions including The National Art School, Hornsby Technical College, Wollongong Technical College and Kogarah Technical College.

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